The JAL* Project Executive Committee at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is pleased to announce the JAL Project 2014** for inviting, giving training to, and exchanging with, Japanese-art librarians from outside Japan.

*Japanese-art librarian
**Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014

The selected participants will be given training at the related institutions such as the National Art Center, Tokyo; the Nara National Museum and so on, from December 1 to 11, 2014.

Each of them will be asked to give a presentation titled "Recommendations for More Effective Dissemination of Information on Japanese-Art-related Materials” in Japanese during the open workshop on the last day.

The JAL Project Executive Committee will provide all the invitees with travel expenses including the airfare for a round trip to Japan, transportation fees within Japan, and accommodations.

The JAL Project is intended mainly for Japanese-art librarians working on Japanese-art-related materials outside Japan. In the JAL project, the term "Japanese art" comprises all forms of visual art including photographs, videos, manga, design and architecture. Thus, librarians, archivists and visual resources curators specializing in the genres mentioned above may apply for the project.

I. Application period: from today until August 31, 2014

II. Qualification Requirements:
1) A person who falls under any of the following:
a) A librarian working on Japanese-art-related literature and visual materials outside Japan
b) An archivist or a visual resources curator working on Japanese-art-related literature and visual materials outside Japan
c) A Japanologist using Japanese-art-related literature and visual materials outside Japan
2) A person who is able to take part in discussions and everyday conversations in Japanese language, to understand lectures in Japanese, to smoothly express opinions in Japanese, to send and receive e-mails in Japanese, and to use word processors and presentation tools in Japanese
3)A person nominated by his/her organization A person living in Japan, or who is staying in Japan on an educational program may not apply.

III. Invitation period: From November 30 to December 12, 2014

IV. More information and the application forms are available at the website:

We are looking forward to applications from JALs all over the world.